ana fosca

Ana Fosca (dk)

Is the project of Copenhagen and Malmö based Linn Hvid. She uses synthesizer, field recordings, distorted vocals and feedback while exploring deprivation and despair, sorrow and human obscurity in her sound.

The steady ascent of ANA FOSCA, the moniker of Copenhagen's Linn Hvid, is unmistakable in its rousing articulation of experimental music's most visceral and noisy frontiers.

Hvid's initial forays saw her navigating arts institutions that run adjacent to, though remain relatively disconnected from, the rich underground of the city's music scenes. It's Mayhem in particular—the infamous venue with its indispensable studio spaces for a plethora of local bands and musicians—where Hvid first found herself in a community of kindred spirits and artists. Playing early shows in and around the noise circle in this fertile environment, and long a devotee of Mayhem Noise Fest, she was soon performing regularly across Denmark, Sweden, and Germany in the crucible of self-organised venues and squatted premises. Having forged ANA FOSCA in these heady circumstances, Hvid's performances and recordings are imbued with an intuitive immediacy that's rarely summoned so naturally.