Motherdrum (AT)

25/08 | Halle X | Musik

Motherdrum is an instrumental collective founded by Austrian drummer Alexander Yannilos.

Motherdum gathers some of Austria's most progressive instrumentalists in improvised live sessions on stage and in the studio.

No rehearsal. No setlist. No undo.

The players create in the moment, composing and producing on the fly. Seamlessly bonding the complexity of acoustic sounds with the impact of modern day electronics, revealing a brand new outlet for a fundamental form of musical energy. The result is a sizzling mix of morphing styles that can move from avantgarde jazz to broken beat, free funk or industrial techno within just a couple of bars.

Hard to put your finger on, easy to move your feet to.

Alexander Yannilos – electro-acoustic Drumset
Jakob Schneidewind – Bass/FX
Bernhard Höchtel – Synth