Rojin Sharafi 

FR/13/09 | 22:00 – 23:00 | HALLE X

Rojin Sharafi is a Vienna-based sound artist, composer and sound engineer. Recently released on Zabte Sote and Opal tapes, her productions contain pieces for acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic music as well as interdisciplinary projects in different mediums like film and performance. She has also collaborated with dancers, music ensembles, and filmmakers on making music and sound-design for various productions.

Her music crosses borders of different genres, while borrowing some elements from different epoch and classes such as noise, folk, ambient, metal and contemporary music. Fusion texture, polyrhythmic patterns, narrative layers and formalistic approaches are the musical trademarks of this Tehran-born artist. She has been performing in festivals such as SET x CTM 2018 in Tehran and Unsafe+Sounds 2018 in Vienna. She is part of the line-up of Hyperreality 2019. She won the Austrian female Composer’s prize in 2018.