Amélie Nilles (FR)

French composer and sound artist, Amélie Nilles evolved on the experimental, electronic and jazz scenes in Paris as a singer and drummer, while she was simultaneously involved in Master degree researches focused on sound spatialisation at the Paris 8 University. She studied electroacoustic composition with French composer Régis Renouard-Larivière and proposes an aesthetic approach of spatialisation in music. Always looking for immersive experiences, she creates sound pieces for multichannel speaker systems and collaborates with various artists. She played several live performances and attended artistic residencies in France and Europe. On November 2021, she released her first EP ‘A croqué le fruit étrange’ on Planisphère label, as an introduction to her very personnal universe, both dark and pop. She creates sound environments composed of organic textures, field-recordings, vocals, deconstructed rhythms, looking for a kind of nature she doesn’t find in the city, but always influenced by it. She is continuously oscillating between control and destruction, never completely diving into the extrems, maintaining a fragile — but precious — balance.