Dr. Truna (ES)

One man band multiplied through the video, Trio Truna is in fact the solo of a wild Spanish luthier straight out of the planet Mars. This prepared cello player has made himself a musical language in his sauce, with great reinforcements of electronic hack.

Founder of the Other College of Pataphysique in Valencia and bottled in the New Wave postmovida (he holds bass and keyboards in the cult group 80’s Carmina Burana), Andrés Blasco Ramos of his real name, composes regularly for theatre and contemporary dance when he is not busy collaborating with other outsiders in his galaxy like Pierre Bastien, Mike Cooper or One Man Nation.

On stage, his neo-dadaist performances incorporate sound structures of his creation such as the Cosmic Bull (El Toro Cósmico) or the Future Console (Atril del Futuro) as well as two pre-recorded videos of himself-even playing on his retrofuturistic instruments!